Dwayne Johnson backpedals about 'first ever' In-N-Out visit as fans do a double-double take

Dwayne Johnson backpedals about 'first ever' In-N-Out visit as fans do a double-double take
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Dwayne Johnson backpedals about 'first ever' In-N-Out visit as fans do a double-double take

Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock," recently shared his burger adventure at In-N-Out, claiming it was his "first-ever" experience. However, keen-eyed fans caught onto the fact that he had made similar claims before, prompting the actor to acknowledge the slip-up.

The Initial Claim

Last week, Johnson posted a video of his visit to In-N-Out, portraying it as his debut. He described the awkwardness of his first order, emphasizing his lack of familiarity with the chain's procedures and lingo. The post included a selfie with excited employees.

Fans' Reaction

Fans, who had been following Johnson's social media for years, quickly pointed out that this wasn't his actual first visit to In-N-Out. Some even presented evidence of his past mentions of the popular burger joint.

The Gracious Correction

Acknowledging the oversight, Johnson graciously corrected his mistake by editing the Instagram caption. He humorously thanked the fans for reminding him of his previous visit, expressing gratitude to In-N-Out for their delicious food.

History of Forgetfulness

This isn't the first time Johnson has claimed to try In-N-Out for the first time. In August 2022, he posted a similar video with the same "first-ever" excitement. Tequila was involved in that instance, perhaps contributing to the lapse in memory.

Prior Instances

In 2017, Johnson had posted from an In-N-Out drive-thru, claiming it was his inaugural visit. The actor expressed gratitude to the staff and hinted at returning for a celebration if Moana, a movie he was associated with, won an Oscar.


Dwayne Johnson's In-N-Out adventure turned out to be a blend of excitement, forgetfulness, and good humor. Fans enjoyed the correction and the actor's ability to laugh at himself, making it another memorable chapter in "The Rock's" food journey.

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