How to Use White Eyeliner on the Waterline

How to Use White Eyeliner on the Waterline
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How to Use White Eyeliner on the Waterline

The beauty of white eyeliner lies in its versatility — it can stand out on its own or elevate any eye look. Whether you're into winged liner, a bold cat eye, or negative space designs, white eyeliner can do it all. Particularly in the warmer summer months, this milky shade can add brightness to the eye area when applied to the waterline. Discover why experts recommend using white eyeliner on the waterline and learn the right — and safe — way to apply it with these tricks and tips.

Experts Behind the Tips

Meet Our Expert

  • Sean Harris, celebrity makeup artist

Kasey Spickard, celebrity makeup artist

White Eyeliner for Radiant Eyes

The key reason to use white eyeliner on the waterline is its ability to give your eyes a radiant glow. Celebrity makeup artist Kasey Spickard explains, "White eyeliner has a brightening effect on the eyes, making them appear larger and more awake." Unlike other liners that provide depth or enhance eye colors, white eyeliner creates a refreshed and awakened look. It counteracts redness, especially when tired, offering a universally flattering touch to enhance your eyes.

Gentle Application Is Essential

Applying white eyeliner on the waterline is simple. Start by washing your hands and sharpening the pencil for smooth application. Clean the pencil with a spritz of cleansing agent to ensure hygiene. Use a cotton swab to remove excess moisture from the waterline. With your free hand, gently press underneath the eye to expose the waterline and apply the white eyeliner. Glide the pencil back and forth until you achieve the desired white pigment saturation.

White Eyeliner Pencil: Your Secret Weapon

Among pigment formula options, a pencil is ideal for the waterline. Celebrity makeup artist Sean Harris recommends soft pencils that easily glide on. He suggests the MAC Cosmetics Eye Kohl in Fascinating, a true bright white that wears beautifully. Look for waterproof options like Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Pencil in Sand or Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Yeyo for smudge-free wear.

Sensitive Eyes? Opt for Shadow

If you have sensitivity around the eyes, choose hypoallergenic liners approved by an ophthalmologist. Sean Harris suggests avoiding eyeliner on the waterline for sensitive eyes. Instead, draw liner only on the inner tear duct to prevent irritation. Pair it with a neutral shimmer shadow for a similar brightening effect without the risk of discomfort.

Enhance with Neutral Shadow

For a balanced look, pair white eyeliner with softer neutral shadows. Sean Harris recommends combining the brightness of the inner waterline with the smokiness of neutral shadows. Use warm brown shades to define the lash lines, and then apply white or cream-toned eye pencil to brighten the inner waterline. Complete the look with a brightening eye highlight to enhance the effect and achieve captivating eyes effortlessly.

If you're seeking an easy way to appear well-rested, reach for white eyeliner. The chic results provide a dynamic eye look that everyone will love.

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